Blog Post What to watch for in 2020

What to Watch for in 2020

Ringing in the new year is particularly exciting for the Testing Task Force because 2020 is the year we will complete our three-year study of the bar exam. By the end of the year, we will make our recommendations to NCBE’s Board of Trustees about what content the next generation of the bar exam should…

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Facing Challenges, Imagining Possibilities

Is it time for a bar exam revolution? Bar pass rates have been down (historically speaking) since 2014. The high cost of legal education means student loan debt is up, and the job market for new lawyers remains tight. We have a serious access to justice problem, with people who need legal representation unable to…

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Generation Z Takes the Bar Exam

Well, we’re not there yet—but we will be soon. According to at least one common measure, the oldest members of Gen Z are turning 24 this year. That means the first Gen Z law school graduates will be getting ready to take the bar exam before we know it. In early May, members of the…


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Have you had a chance to read our Phase 2 Report yet? Check out this video of Task Force Chair Cynthia Martin to learn more about what we found in our research:

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How do the results of the practice analysis inform #barexam test design? Check out the Executive Summary in the Testing Task Force's Phase 2 Report and don't forget to subscribe!

Thanks again to everyone who took the practice analysis survey last fall. You can view the results of this analysis in the Testing Task Force Phase 2 Report!

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In the practice analysis survey, we found that key knowledge areas for newly licensed lawyers include: civil procedure, professional responsibility, contracts, evidence and legal research methods. Learn more in our Phase 2 Report: