The Testing Task Force is pleased to report that Phase 1 of its study has successfully concluded with the final stakeholder listening sessions held in June. The Task Force is currently preparing to publish a report on all 30 listening sessions, spanning 10 groups of stakeholders and more than 400 participants. The report, which will soon be available on the Task Force’s website, will include both an executive summary and session-specific summaries.

The Task Force’s nationwide practice analysis survey, the central component of the study’s second phase, will launch on August 1 (the survey will be open through September 30). So far, the Task Force has secured assistance from state supreme courts and bar associations in 52 out of 56 jurisdictions to help distribute the survey to attorneys across the country.

During Phase 3 of the study, which will follow the conclusion of the practice analysis, the Task Force, guided by psychometric expertise, will consider test and program design options based on the stakeholder input gathered in Phase 1 and the results of the practice analysis survey. Stakeholders will be invited to participate in Phase 3 as the Task Force works to build the next generation of the bar exam.