practice analysis survey

The Testing Task Force is currently reaching out to state supreme courts and bar associations to secure their assistance in distributing a practice analysis survey nationwide later this summer. The results of this survey should provide robust data on what the job of the newly licensed lawyer entails, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to competently and ethically perform the job.

NCBE’s previous practice analysis survey in 2012 was distributed to a more limited number of respondents and solicited responses only from newly licensed lawyers. In contrast, the new practice analysis survey will be widely distributed and will seek responses from newly licensed lawyers and from experienced lawyers who work closely with newly licensed lawyers and have direct and current knowledge of the work they do.

The survey results will be used to identify the critical competencies needed for entry-level practice and help determine what should be tested on the next generation of the bar examination. It will also provide invaluable information that should be of interest to other stakeholders who are involved in educating, hiring, training, and regulating tomorrow’s new lawyers. We are greatly appreciative of the assistance of the states in this ambitious and important undertaking.